Centering Prayer

Our Board

Sharon Fialco, Vice President

Sharon Fialco, President

Chandra Hanson, President

Chandra Hanson, Executive Director & Treasurer

Eric McIntosh, Director

Eric McIntosh, Secretary

Joshua Stancil, Director

Joshua Stancil, Director

Our Staff

Octavia Millwood Executive Assistant

Octavia Millwood
Executive Assistant

Jeff Hamilton IT Manager

Jeff Hamilton
IT Manager

Jeff Haynes Data Analyst

Jeff Haynes
Data Analyst

Phil Darghty Data Analyst

Phil Darghty
Data Analyst

Our Advisors

Frank Baker

Toni Carter

Pat Johnson

Mary Trunk

Susan Turpin

Chandra has been practicing Centering Prayer since 2012 and facilitating a group inside a medium security prison since January of 2017. She began volunteering in prisons in 2011 as part of a lay Catholic worship team, then was invited by a Chaplain to teach in a faith/character-based dorm. Practicing Centering Prayer with the men in that dorm planted the seed that grew into her passion: sharing this contemplative practice with those currently residing behind prison walls and supporting those desiring to continue the practice post-release. Chandra was appointed Prison Outreach Liaison for Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. (COL) in June 2020, helping organize the current iteration of COL’s Prison Outreach Service Team and serving as its leader until August 2023

Lead facilitator for 4th Sister Facilitation, Sharon is a self-described meeting junkie who emanates humor, common sense, and respect in ways that make meetings a joy for others, as well. Her passion and enthusiasm for collaborative group process shines through her work. Sharon is largely self-taught as a facilitator, having gathered skills from student cooperatives, communal living, and employment in social services, progressive non-profits, and co-operatives. She holds professional certification in Conflict Management from Woodbury College and has shared Buddhist meditation practices inside prison walls.

The Rev. Canon Eric McIntosh earned a Master’s Degree of Divinity from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary June of 2012. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Natural Sciences. He has served in ministry for over 30 years. He is married with three daughters. As Canon, Eric leads racial justice and reconciliation work for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, Also, Since 2013, Canon Eric has served as Priest in Charge at St. James’ Episcopal Church, where he is engaged in daily urban ministry, church planting, and offering pastoral care to the Penn Hills community.

After completing an 18-year prison sentence in North Carolina, Joshua founded Living With Convictions Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides transitional housing to men and women starting over after incarceration. He is the author of When the Flower Opens: The Extraordinary Friendship Between Abbot Shodo Habukawa and Monsignor Luigi Giussani; editor of Edward Hopper: The Eternal Instant; and author of the forthcoming Shakedowns, Shanks & Shackles: A Writer’s Guide to Prison Life. His essays and interviews have appeared in Magnificat and Convivium.

Octavia is passionate about supporting non-profits and advocating for overlooked populations. As a firm believer in individual agency, she’s committed to providing unwavering support that empowers others to shape their own success. Outside of work, you'll find her reading fantasies and drawing doodles.

Jeff is an accomplished technology and systems manager with a wealth of experience in both professional services and software industries. Demonstrating a fervor for volunteer work, Jeff excels in crafting and implementing collaborative solutions. Beyond the tech world, he cherishes the simple joys of spending time with his family and deliberately seeks peace in those quiet, reflective moments.

Phil spent 32 years in custody, during which he was introduced to Centering Prayer. In his own words: "It totally changed my life, allowing me to become who I am today." Phil helped to found the first known and likely the longest running Centering Prayer group inside a prison. He now feels blessed to be "paying it forward" both as a volunteer and in his role with POND.

Jeff comes from a diverse background in management, support services and computers. He enjoys service to others and has a dedication to assisting those who have been impacted by the incarceration system by bringing awareness about the challenges they face to others.