A Mother’s View

A Light
By Robin Gilmore

When most women become moms, almost instantly they develop an awareness, a “tuning in” to their child’s every need, and every attempt at communication, verbal or non-verbal. When the child grows, that tuning in begins to diminish, and when they are adults you find it is nearly gone.  You get your “self'” […]

The Real Meaning of Christmas

The Unsolved Remainder
            ‘I am the blind alleys of all your paths, for when you no longer know how to go any further, then you have reached me, though you are not aware of it. I am in your anxiety, for I have shared it by suffering it. And in doing so, I wasn’t […]

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A Monday Night Class at Folsom

Contemplative Prayer and the Spiritual Journey
Finding God Within
Class No. 29, October 27, 2014.

            Last class, we looked at ten of the most quoted urgings of Jesus on prayer in the four gospels. For many of us the quotes are intimidating because we think they don’t work for us.

We can see that oftentimes in prayer […]

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A Prisoner’s Exerience With Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is like this for me. As I let the thoughts and the emotions come and go, I gain deeper insight into myself. Outside of prayer, I recognize that for the thoughts and emotions I’ve acted on weren’t real. These thoughts come and go, but the consequences of acting on them are long […]

The Good Thief

The Good Thief: Healing Our Shame

A criminal crucified next to Jesus is known to the world as “the good thief.” But to me, he was “Josh,” my big brother. Growing up, we were never really close, but we shared the same small bedroom until I was six years old. In mom’s eyes, Josh was […]

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The Spiritual Journey: An Invitation

Whether or not we are conscious of it, and unless we explicitly reject any notion of it, we are fellow travelers on the spiritual journey of our life. This journey involves penetrating questions like who am I and what is my life really all about. Spiritual notions of depth. These inner issues are difficult […]