Contemplative Prayer and Centering Prayer

Centering PrayerContemplative Prayer is prayer without words. It is resting in the Divine Presence in silence without an expectation of an immediate payoff or insight. Experiencing God’s Silence becomes the most radical form of prayer as we do not try to promise God anything, or manipulate God to do something for us. It is based on the assumption that God is already with us and predisposed to give us all good things.

Contemplative Prayer cannot be taught. Ancient Christian tradition teaches that this type of prayer is a pure gift from God, for all people, not just a select few. Yet there are methods that prepare us for this Contemplative Prayer. PCF uses a method called Centering Prayer.

This prayer method provides the ultra simple approach of breathing and the use of what is called a ‘sacred word’ to distract our mind from its normal activities. Practitioners sit for a specified period in a day and ‘practice’ detaching from their thoughts. Once a person understands that we can never turn off our mind, only learn not to give it our attention, then we can relax into our depths in silence, and into the waiting presence of the God who dwells within.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10