This Course of Study is based on Ray Leonardini’s books Finding God Within: Contemplative Prayer for Prisoners, Going Inside: Learning to Teach Contemplative Prayer to the Imprisoned, and Toxic Shame and Contemplative Prayer: From Hiding to Healing, as well as the documentary film Holding Still, Centering Prayer and the Spiritual Journey, and the short companion films found at the end of this Guide and under Course Study/Companion Films on this website.

For people interested in facilitating Centering Prayer in prisons, it is important to keep in mind that the information provided by Prison Contemplative Fellowship is a set of tools that will help facilitators structure their own approaches. Facilitators are encouraged to use the material in their own way. This approach also allows inmates to use these tools as guidelines or a structure within which to transform the practice on their own terms.

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Holding Still and Finding God Within Course Study