In an effort to provide more resources for people who want to participate in Centering Prayer and who may be interested in implementing Centering Prayer in prisons, Mary Trunk, the director of the film Holding Still, interviewed Ray Leonardini. These videos are a result of those interviews. In them Ray shares his own experience with Centering Prayer, his discovery of the spiritual journey of divine therapy, toxic shame as an obstacle to that path, and how his search for a prayer group brought him to work with those incarcerated in prisons. Ray shares with us the practice of Centering Prayer, a receptive type of prayer, and how it provides a space to develop intimacy with God. In the prison environment, Ray discovered that over time this space grows and inmates begin to come to terms with toxic shame. As a result they learn to accept and love themselves and fully participate in an intimate relationship with the Divine. Centering Prayer not only transforms the individual, it strengthens connections between all those participating in the Prayer Circle.

The Spirituality of Restorative Justice

Holding Still – 10/20/21 Panel Discussion